long time not much splosh

Oh dear, see what happens when I don’t have a goal? A week of swimming, followed by a holiday, followed by busy time, followed by [etc etc] and before I know it it’s September – and the last post was in May! I could have had a May to September romance in this time (that’s what that term means, right)!

In the interim, I suppose I haven’t done nothing! I have:

  • taken a series of Japanese classes!
  • watched the Olympics!
  • Picked up a long abandoned cardigan I am knitting and got back to work on the ratted thing!
  • Er…
  • Eaten a lot of…. toast?

Swimming wise, I have had a summer of South London Lidos! I have visited Brockwell, Charlton and Tooting Lido. And in each one, I can’t have done more than a couple of hundred metres amongst the general floating around.

The last time I went to Brockwell Lido it was quite odd – it tasted very SALTY! The pool had a huge deposit of dirt about three quarters on the way to the deep end where the pool must have a little valley down there, causing a large brown water area. It was fine and I didn’t dispute the water was fine to swim in, but the salt! Oy.

To get back on the horse, I have started the sign up process for the Aspire Channel Swim, 22 miles in a pool in 12 (I think?) weeks. The sign up isn’t finished, as they don’t consider it complete until a justgiving page is completed… we’ll see…



long time not much splosh

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