20 may – whingy whinge

I’m afraid this write-up won’t really acknowledge much more than the fact that I went to a swimming pool for a period of time. I’d had a bad morning, with a strange series of chest pains from the time I woke up. And as I type this on the 22nd, they’re still lurking around. I was a little worried I would be in no state to swim, but I was better by the afternoon, so took myself along to the pool, whinging like a TIRED BABY the entire time.

The swim itself was reasonable, but I felt very unenergetic for a good while. Didn’t feel very strong either.  Cheered up eventually, and felt much better for it afterwards! I would guess I was probably in the water for half an hour.

Followed up the swim with a quick visit to the pub, where I had a delicious 1.5pints of Partizan “dry-hopped” mild – very tasty – and had a very important conversation about Neko Atsume and LENTILS (one of my cats is called Lentils – it is such a good name for a cat! Be warned, future cats!).

PS- is Whingy Whinge a good drag queen name or am I merely inspired by Thorgy Thor?

20 may – whingy whinge

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