MAY 7 – heated lido!

My second attempt at going to Charlton Lido, and happily a successful one, despite the best efforts of the pigeons at London Bridge trying to kill me, and football being on at Charlton. Burnley? West Ham? Charlton themselves? Who could even tell?

Wonder Widget says I did 1,200m, but I think actual swimming distance isn’t more than 800m. After a few laps (in the medium lane!), the swimming lessons in the two furthest lanes ended, so they shifted all the lanes about, to mild confusion to the inexperienced lido swimmers. My friend and I took this as an opportunity to do handstands and flips in the ‘general’ end. What a treat to go to a pool in the sunshine and to be able to play around in it without being a d1ck! After the flips, we went back to swim some laps. I did *try* to go back to the medium lane, but people were being all fast in it again, so back to the slow lane it was.

Very very nice to swim outside in the first actually sunny weekend! Very odd to turn your head to breath and be blinded by the strange yellow face in the sky. And really fun to see your shadow swimming with you underwater!  I had a GRATE time.

However, it does turn out that I am not very good at doing underwater flips and stuff, which surprises me! I had a lot of fun doing some in… the sea? Is probably the last time? Chlorine RIGHT up the sinuses, headache city.

*watches dream of ever learning a tumble turn fading into the lamented distance*


MAY 7 – heated lido!

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