april 25 -splashmouth


TIME: 48mins

“I’m going for my most half-arsed swim ever”, I inform my colleagues, as I head to the pool this lunchtime. Tired Monday-itis in full swing and I can NOT be bothered. But I still head over to the pool anyway, knowing somewhere deep down that that would be better than lying down under Jeremy Bentham’s chair to sleep until they move me on.

Swim was FINE in the end, but I am annoyed as once again my lap counting was off. In fact, I thought I had done one extra lap than I intended, but actually I’d done one less. CHIZ 😦

At one point I had the slow lane to myself for a minute so I tried another SPRINT! I did not make it to the end of the pool, alas. I think I made it to over 25m but then ended up getting too little oxygen and too much chlorine in mouth… oops. Let’s call it a work in progress.

I even considered trying a length of BACKSTROKE for one crazy moment – but I’m not brave/crazy enough for that yet, even in an empty lane…

As for !SUPER SPLASH BRO! who turned up about halfway through the session: tell me, how can your splash STILL hit me and make me splutter even when I am breathing on the OPPOSITE side to where you are swimming past me?! Gahhhh!!! Still – I suspect I would have to put up with this when I am in  RACING CONDITIONS? (yeah yeah “turtle grand prix” is that)? So perhaps I shall just consider this guy to be getting me practicing for TOKYO 2020! (I have decided to spend Rio in front of the telly eating chorizo sausage and regret nothing, sorry Team GB).


april 25 -splashmouth

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