22 April – all of the lights alluvthelihhhhts

Distance: 850m.
Time: 41mins

A new pool today! A ladies evening session at King’s Cross. A 25m pool featuring “mood lighting” and a play pool AND jacuzzi?! Radio Rental! Points of note:

1. I tried my first ever sprints! Actually rather fun! Coach Chlorine made me do another one halfway down the pool as we were finishing up so she could check me out. The review was not bad, which is Coach being very kind to my sluggish ways. I am told I could work on hand entering the water in a smoother way with less splashes. Apparently I am not too bad at this when going at usual slow ways (‘working on my form’) but flailed a bit more when attempting speed. Fair enough! I will try again when in a relatively free 25m pool. Alas, the last sprint brought on cramp immediately on my shove off the wall. I think I may have pushed off too hard – something that I have read about that real swimmers do! So whilst it hurt – lookitme! Making mistakes actual fast swimmers make! Where is my FASTSKIN?

2. flipping heck KX pool has the tiniest changing rooms ever. I don’t even K.

3. Realised a little more about the mechanics of wonder widget. Having left my phone at home, I wasn’t able to update the pool length from 50m to 25m. On syncing at home, it told me I did 34 lengths, total distance 1700m. Um… Whilst I would love to do 1700m in 41m I strongly doubt it. So what it must do is simply register turns, and base it’s tracking on the distance you’ve pre-established on the app. I guess that’s cool? But it confirms that it’ll never track laps where you’ve had to turn around halfway through or anything like that. Hmm, ah well. I am pleased enough with this distance and time, given it involved a bit of chatting and getting in and out of the pool to fetch pull buoys! Only did 2 pull buoy lengths in the end.

4. Jacuzzis are bonkers.

22 April – all of the lights alluvthelihhhhts

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