20 april – return to the scene of the swimathon

DISTANCE: 1,000m

TIME: 46mins


Oh my DAYS! For the first time ever, me and the wonder widget AGREE that I swam what I set out to do! Gold Medals HERE WE GO!*

It is so much EASIER counting laps when there’s much less of them!

In reality, I think I may have swum a little more than this, as the slow lane had a few jams which caused me to switch out through half a length and swim back the other way. However, given the bang on 1000m tally, and the fact that you have to specify the length of pool in the app before a swim, I think that the wonder widget times in a more rigid manner than linking distance directly to stroke count? Which is what I had assumed it did?

I’m starting to think I should have done a bit more extensive research rather than getting carried away, but I don’t regret it really, it’s still pretty nifty a device!

All in all this was a LOVELY swim, the pool was grand, I felt comfortable for most of it, didn’t get any cramp, and my last two laps were particularly nice. I started breathing on my right hand side, and suddenly felt I was stretching more with my arms and maybe getting in a bit more power? This could be all in my mind, or because I knew I was nearing my target, but maybe there’s something to it?


*They’re definitely not made of chocolate and from a Westfield tat shop!
20 april – return to the scene of the swimathon

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