18 april -heated bliss


TIME: 1hr 05??

Back to the indoor heated 33m pool. Timing courtesy of Wonder Widget, and seems a little bit off to me? I was really disappointed when it told me the above – I had aimed to try and do ~1km, but I appear to have mis-counted two laps somewhere. I’m also sure I wasn’t in there for 1hr5! Ah well?

Everything nearly went disastrously wrong as I FORGOT MY TOWEL – argh! Thankfully I realised this BEFORE I got into the pool rather than afterwards. An emergency trip upstairs and forking over a tenner got me an emergency towel. “Your choice of super-absorbent or ‘bath'”, they said.

Now, I am a fan of microfibre towels as ANY FULE KNO, but sometimes you just want something warm and fluffy, darn it! I’m sure it was probably the memories of shivering in Brockwell Lido coming back. So, I picked the fluffy towel and dashed back downstairs and finally made it into the pool.

Swim itself was OK? Didn’t feel particularly energetic. Started to get a sneaking suspicion that I have somehow fooled my brain into a sort “oh why yes I am totally 733+ swimX0R can’t you tell from my beefcake arms of steel”-inspired partiality for long course pools and deep ends, perhaps? Stopped at the end of lengths quite a lot and had a few stupid choking moments.

I can at least report that the fluffy bath towel was an enjoyable experience! I would almost go as far as saying it is the “charm point” of the changing rooms (which tbh are a bit of a bl00dy dump but you get wot you pay for == not a lot which is TICK but also UMMM sometimes less hair in the showers would be nice…)

18 april -heated bliss

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