Oh dear oh dear

Still no actual swimming #content from me to share with you! BUT, I have been working on another swimming project (ladies night/chlorine right), writing up the Masters, and of course following the endless tweets from @britishswimming with all the results from Tollcross.

Also, whilst researching my own swimming data visualisation plans, I found this handy map that someone else has made of Them London Pools. I looked at their Crystal Palace post – ok ok it’s from 2011 and Things Were Different – but they refer to the playing of piped music, what the heck? OK, I’ve only been to CryPal ONCE myself and that was in the evening, but that is snooker blimming loopy…


Courtesy of the pretty nice Swimming Round London blog, which I believe a fellow swim-crew member mentioned to me on a trip to Marshall St baths one time.

It is anecdotes like this that will get me the swimming PULITZER!

Oh dear oh dear

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