Greetings! It has now been two weeks since Swimathon, and of course I haven’t gone for a swim at all since then. A week’s break, followed by Easter = time off! Eggs! However, swimming has in no way been abandoned, as I spent w/e 2-3 April at the British Masters Championships, where Coach Chlorine was competing! (I will blog in greater detail soon).

It was vvv impressive – all sorts of competitors were present and all of them were AMAZING. It really made me think I have a long way to go in terms of stamina/strength/everything.

None of my swimming has been deliberately “fast” so far – I have been aiming for “keep going” rather than speed – so right now, my fastest time is 20 seconds slower than the slowest 79yr old. WHOOOO! MAD RESPECT to the 70+ swimmers, all haring it along! Seriously inspirational stuff.

But really I just came to post links to WEIGHT TRAINING FOR SWIMMING which I might give a go:

Grant Turner’s gym workouts for swimmers

Weight Training for Swimming

Don’t you just love the way that they suggest that pull-ups are something that one should just be able to do? No way. I will need to give these a good peruse, adapt them for my feeble ability (i.e gurly push-ups) and try and build into some sort of routine. I should also try… SIT-UPs?!

I also need to try stretching my arms behind my back. Coach Chlorine can touch her hands together behind her back with arms at full stretch. I…. cannot.


See you next MUSCLE TIME!


2 thoughts on “WEIGHTY WORK

  1. DJ Chlorine says:

    Readers should bear in mind that Coach Chlorine also has (genetically) hypermobile joints, this goal is not necessarily a sensible one to aim for 😉


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