20 Mar – SWIMATHON 2016, 10am, 2.5km PT 1/3

I did it!!

swimathon me swimming

That’s me!

This was so exciting, I don’t even know where to begin my reporting back. What I had for breakfast? How grateful I am to my team of cheerleaders, who heroically turned up early to cheer me on? Special thanks to Coach Chlorine who went above and beyond, even beyond horrible illness to record my split times? How the swim felt? Should I begin or end with the surprise TWIST?

Overall, I am really happy and pleased with myself. The months of practice paid off, and I made it! My concerns about the distance being too long faded, I didn’t get particularly bored and I am kind of already looking forward to next years. I have splits and times to BEAT!

BREAKFAST: up at 7am. Wholemeal bagel w/ olive spread,  and a hard boiled egg (boiled previous night). Packet of crisps and a cup of tea and then a banana on my way out of the house at 8.25. I don’t usually eat much breakfast at all, so I felt like I never wanted to ea anything ever again!

ON MY WAY: I met Coach Chlorine on the train to the Aquatics Centre, who HEROICALLY turned up despite being full of cold. I was really happy and grateful! Arrived at the Aquatics Centre and met more cheerleaders who had had such a hassle getting there. Got in the queue, met another cheerleader (WOW!) and picked up my Swimathon hat and was told my assigned lane.

LET ME IN THE POOL! My wonderful cheerleaders went to the seats and settled down, and I headed off to the changing village and got changed as per any old swim. I try to put the swimathon hat on – ouch! It’s tiny!! I feel the pressure on my head already, and ask a swimathon team member if I can wear Old Faithful TYR Cap instead. Thank goodness she grins “no problem” at me, and then turns to the next girl, who is ALSO having problems getting her green cap over her head.

I then head to register, and get a series of disapproving volunteers going “that’s not your swimathon cap”, and I continue to explain that the hat wouldn’t fit over my head/hair. This is a bit of a white lie, as I COULD cram it on but I knew it would HURT after a short while of time, and I had no idea how long 2.5km would take me! Thank goodness, I informed the volunteer in charge of my lane (who looked pretty grumpy at me) who made a note.

Then, alas, the summons to head to the diving pool for the cringey charity warm-up. I have had to do these for running events, but felt a particular pillock doing the same thing in the raised diving pool. I skipped a few exercises and stretched out my foot as much as I could, whilst feeling the Biggest. Pillock. Ever.

FINALLY! They let us line up by the Competition Pool. But I think this post is already quite long, so I will continue this in part 2.


(swimathon post [1]/[2]/[3])


20 Mar – SWIMATHON 2016, 10am, 2.5km PT 1/3

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