20 Mar – SWIMATHON 2016 10AM 2.5KM PART 3/3

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for – with a twist!

DISTANCE: 2,500m (two point five kilometres! KILOMETRES! distances that cars do!)

TIME: 1hr33.22 (acc. Coach Chlorine’s stopwatch, 1.34 according to a later swimathon time).

BUT!!! Coach Chlorine had been recording my split times throughout! On adding them all up, we find that the total comes to 2,600m! Yes folks! I did an extra 100m! Which brings my actual time to just under 1hr30.

After all this, I am overjoyed! My swimathon training plan (from the file name alone…) appears to be aiming for a time of 1hr30-2hrs. HOWEVER, I have consistently been slower than Jolyon Fincks times in EVERY SINGLE SESSION, with no hope of being faster without attaching a motor somewhere or getting a backie off Keri-Anne Payne. On that basis I expected I would probably be there for 2hrs, if not longer. To get one hour is amazing!

And now I have my splits time, I see that I probably averaged out 3.45 per 100m all in all. In fact, if my MATHS is correct, I averaged out 3.35!

Those split times, for your perusal!

I kind of can’t wait to do it again next year and get a better time. The ‘intermediate’ training plan suggests my splits should be 2m30! Haw haw! I still think that’s pretty unrealistic, but I’ve still got lots to work on, and I would definitely like to speed up!

IN CONCLUSION. I am delighted, and VERY thankful to Coach Chlorine for the stats, and all my cheerleaders and sponsors for their support! I am really happy, and with a big grin I can say:


(swimathon post [1]/[2]/[3])


20 Mar – SWIMATHON 2016 10AM 2.5KM PART 3/3

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