20 Mar – Swimathon 2016 10am 2.5km PART 2/3

… swimathon reporting back – continues!

swimathon me swimming

START! We finally head to our assigned lane and stand around shivering for a short while. An inaudible announcement is made, and the first swimmer sets off. We set off in colour order. About 30 seconds after the first swimmer sets off, the second gets in the water about to set off. But instead of 30 seconds, the klaxon for them to go off goes in about three seconds! I am next, and I am standing there with water bottle not opened, flip-flops on, goggles not ready – ARGH! I shove down the goggles as quickly as possible, flop off flip-flops and flop MYSELF into the water, as the klaxon goes off for the NEXT swimmer. No time to wait! I push off in a panic, goggles start to fill with water – sheesh, I’m thinking! SHEESH!

SWIM SWIM SWIM: I think I fix the goggles at the end of the first 50m or the first 100. The first good 500-700m (by my guess) were a bit painful. At points I felt quite unenergetic and legs a little sore. I also did a fair bit of switching to breast stroke – which I haven’t really done in my sessions now for months. However, I eased into being a bit more comfortable later.

What I didn’t realise was that each lane had people doing all sorts of different distances and relays – so I didn’t realise for a while that the people who seemed a lot fresher were so cos they only just got back – haha!

SLOW LANE REPRESENTS: I was definitely one of the slowest in my lane – perhaps not the slowest, but I did get overtaken quite a lot. Some overtakings were a bit better than others, as my feet and legs got a bit groped and splashed, but hey – although I did get a BIT grumpy at some of them, it wasn’t too bad overall. It did however distract me each time, and I lost my stroke/concentration and switched to BR for a bit.

I had been refusing to ask the volunteers for a check on my distance for a good while, and didn’t ask until my lane was a fair bit emptier. At that point, the volunteer had changed to the smiley lady who had given me the good swim cap news earlier! Hooray! When I finally think I have done enough not to ask and get a dscouraging results, the lady tells me 18 lengths to go. Somewhat brain-addled, I count on my fingers and figure out that’s 9 laps to go – 900m!!

KNOCK ‘EM OUT: 900m, I think? I get a nice happy boost at this news, and start thinking, “great! Knock them out! Bosh” Just keep going!”. I picture an odometer racketing down with each stroke as I carry on plodding along (completely inspired by my current playing of excellent game Earthbound!), and off I go! They continue getting knocked down one by one, and I manage to keep on swimming without taking much of a break at the end of each lap.

CRAMP?! amazing work on the cramp front. One moment of cramp in my right calf, which never usually cramps, but which disappeared once I switched from BR back to crawl, and then – HILARIOUSLY, in my last 15-20m! I swear that this MUST have been psychological! I stopped mid-stroke, did a few strokes of BR and then thought – no way, NO WAY, this is psychological and I will NOT limp to the end! I kicked off again, and made it to the end – and DONE! DONE! DONE!!


Results, distance, and post-swim shennangins coming up soon in post three.


(swimathon post [1]/[2]/[3])

20 Mar – Swimathon 2016 10am 2.5km PART 2/3

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