17 mar – LAST SWIM


TIME: 32mins

Did that distance/time impress you? Well no, me neither, but this is the first time I bring you my time “powered by Speedo”! Yes, this is reported directly from my Wonder Widget! Of course, it doesn’t factor in a bit of ‘chatting time’ (as I was swimming w/ fellow swim crew member and obtained some vital Swimathon swim-cap info) so without chat time I suspect a few minutes would have been knocked off.

I was actually intending to do 750m – and in fact, thought I did! But Speedo says no, so now I am a tad worried I have been under-counting during my entire ‘training’. But if so, it shouldn’t be significant enough to make any difference. And what can I do at this stage anyway?

This swim was fine, no cramp reported! I had a couple of laps where I actually felt quite good – i.e strokes felt even and comfortable, and I may even have thought I was ‘swimming tall’, as all the youtube triathletes say. But on the other hand, there were a few moments where I felt I flailed and rolled about a bit. However, switching the side I breathe on, or doing the ‘superPERSON’ float for a bit seems to get me back on a more even keel. Apart from the odd stop to talk to my friend, I didn’t hang around at the end of the pool too much either. All cautious good signs, I think!

I clambered out of the pool thinking “job done”, and proceeded to wander around to find a post-swim curry.

As it turns out, I hadn’t stopped Wonder Widget from recording swimming, so it then proceeded to tell me I had swum (presumably in a straight line) for 23 minutes, when in fact it turns out that’s how long we spent trying to find a curry house w/o a 1hr10min queue (hi Dishoom, you are fine but not THAT FINE). Still not quite got the hang of it, but hopefully it will be able to reflect 2.5km on Sunday – tomorrow!

Argh! Argh! Yikes! Argh! Wish me luck!



17 mar – LAST SWIM

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