15 mar – moderate activity


TIME: 35 mins (ETA – this might actually be off. Time is according to the wonder widget, BUT according to my memory of getting into the pool at 20 past and exiting at 20 to – can probably give or take 5 mins that side, I wonder if wonder widget was counting e.g my walk to and from the pool, shower, faff with lockers etc?).

Aw man! I was all excited for my first post after a week’s rest due to ladies issues, because I have a new wonder widget* that is meant to count my laps and times!

Alas, the ahem “sleek modern design” meant that I didn’t remember how to track properly, and didn’t set up the lap tracking. Accordingly, it thinks I have done 35mins of ‘moderate activity’ and burnt 43 calories; and then my 22 min walk back to the office was “swimming” and burnt 348 calories! Oh well!


Today’s swim was alright – the pool was really busy for some reason. Busiest I’ve seen it in a while, and spent a few laps in a swim-jam. I’m pleased that I didn’t really stop to rest during the swim for more than a few seconds at each end so it was quite continuous.

During the last lap some guy swam into me – to be fair, I’d had to stop abruptly as I thought *I* had seen someone in front of me too, (but it was an enthusiastic breast-stroker in the medium lane), then swam into me AGAIN trying to over take me, THEN kicked in MY way because we were basically going at the same speed – grah! Be glad it was my last lap, fellow….

ONE MORE SWIM before swimathon… I hope to bring you better stats for that session. Triple tap! Triple tap! And then… argh! Event. Argh. I shall do a pre-swim #feelings post as well. So hold on to your kickboards…

*I’ll do a proper post about it soon, not being coy, just busy…

15 mar – moderate activity

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