bad news for cramping swimmers :(

I asked swimathon for clarification as to whether I could get out of the pool if cramp struck, and the answer is… NO!

Unfortunately, the rules state that individuals are only able to enter and exit the pool once and this applies to the actual swimming pool. However if there is a medical reason on event day, it will be possible for you to exit the pool and then get back in and continue your challenge.”

Even though the cramp has reduced me to tears (notably this happened when I tried to ‘swim it off’ at the Aquatics Centre) I still doubt it counts a a ‘medical reason’.

I shall try to google ways to get rid of cramp whilst staying in the water. Initial results had indicated “there aren’t any”. ARGH! Even when I get leg/foot cramp in the night, I have to get up and stand on it for it to go away. I suspect it will be even worse in the pool. Even if it’s not agonising and I can somehow cling on to a side somewhere, it will likely take a while to recover and I will be in the way…

OH SHI-. I stand a very real chance of failing, don’t I?

On the other hand – my pack of GOLF BALLS arrived yesterday and I gave them a good roll with my feet, so maybe that will help…

bad news for cramping swimmers :(

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