7 mar – pace time cycle are supporting the amazing clucks tonight live at chichester arena

DISTANCE: well, OOF, let’s start doing some calculations here as I tried to follow Head Fish Jolyon Finck’s plan for week nine. Mostly because I thought I stood a chance of actually bleddy remembering it once in the pool. However!! I did my swim in a 33.3m pool, but sort of did the calculation as if I were in a 25m pool, because who can roughly do times tables whilst coughing up chlorine?

THE SET:  warm up. 1 x 100 Swim (30 SRI) Skill Development 3 x 50 Fast Turns (20 SRI) Main Set 1 x 50 Swim (20 SRI, PTC 1:50) 1 x 100 Swim (30 SRI, PTC 3:30) 1 x 200 Swim (40 SRI, PTC 6:40) 1 x 300 Swim (50 SRI, PTC 9:50) PLUS MY SPECIAL ADDITION:  25 trying to leather it breathing on both sides, 50m cool down w/ pull buoy +s.

I got myself tangled with this. I probably did around the 1k mark, probably a little over all in all due to the longer pool. I completely lost lap count, but I’m pretty sure I did the 100/200/300 OK at least. I might have done only 50m warm up? (Well, 66). Oh god! NUMBERS! EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO THEY MEAN? THE POOL IS A KLEIN BOTT-[SNIP – Ed].

TIME: totally failed to clock the clock at the beginning, no idea. If it was 25mins, as Coach Fish Finck laughably suggests, I’ll eat my goggles.

THOUGHTS: well, I was not at all enthused about going to the pool today. I was tired and irritable. The second lap was agonising, in fact this keeps happening – why is it so bad? I shall proceed to answer my own question shortly..

The 100/200/300 set and the  “pace time cycle” instruction may as well be in El Greco to me – I decided to interpret it as “100 at ‘normal pace'” (which = the speed I get puffed out at, and had done the ‘fast turns’ at as well), without rests, then 200 slower w/o rests, and then 300… just keep going at whatever speed I could manage.

VALUABLE LESSON LEARNT: what I consider ‘normal pace’ is probably actually exerting myself much more than I need to? Slowing it down a bit on the latter two meant I could just turn and keep going with a lot more ease. Seems logical, doesn’t it, but I suppose I’ll only ever learn by forcing myself to do the bleedin’ obvious.

AND FINALLY, stay tuned for an exciting post (GUFFAW – Ed.) coming soon , because I have totally given in and bought a GADGET to try and get some more accurate figures from my swim! Given that I barely seem aware enough to even remember to check the clock half the time… it’s probably a good idea. (I guess I am buying this quite late in the training game – but).


7 mar – pace time cycle are supporting the amazing clucks tonight live at chichester arena

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