3 mar – doughnut tech

DISTANCE: 1,320m

TIME: about 45mins.

The thing about my shoddy recording of timing is that I am not sure how accurate I am – I don’t want to be cheating myself due to misreading clocks or miscounting laps, but I seem to do relatively same times and come up with different distances each time! I mean, I am pretty sure this is ballpark correct, and my speed/distance is hardly Olympian where seconds count, BUT…

I am getting tempted by swimtech (such as this swimovate “pool mate” <– aw, frenz), BUT, I also remember that when I ran frequently, it was almost a constant barrage of tech solutions to get round what one REALLY needed to do i.e “put one foot in front of another for a bit longer and a bit faster”. Throw money at running instead of DOING it seemed like an easy choice. And LOADS of people did it, too. (But I should also say that the sole ‘tech’ I used, e.g runtracker did the basic job of time/distance very well, if I had to guess what I was running I would have NO idea). So perhaps it’s not TOO mad to get one. And it could just be a normal (if fat) watch, right?

And, well, it’s also embarrassing. I am fat and unfit! Who am I to blow cash on a doohickey? Shouldn’t I spend my cash on just more swimming sessions?? Or on £2.49 “slim rice” packets? (By the way, ew, and no).

BUT ANYWAY, this was a lovely swim in the SUNSHINE! The sunshine, everyone! The pool (slow lane anyway) was not too busy (by the time the slow lane started to fill up around 1.10 I was hopping out).

CRAMP: none in the pool. This was amazing, as I had had such a crazy morning that all I’d done is sit and my desk, type madly, drink cups of tea and eat a raspberry jam doughnut. No banana! No crisps! I was already resigned to cramp and trying to stretch pool-side and re-enter. But somehow, I got away with it. But, when I sat and dried my toes in the changing room – it hit! – ouch! Or as they say in top Icelandic murder-noir drama “TRAPPED”, “owie“!

THOUGHTS: Aside from breathing, I could probably do with more work on stamina. I think I might not be pacing myself particularly well, and during the first half of my swim I finish a length puffing and panting like crazy and take a short rest. Pretty much no-one in the medium lane takes a rest and they’re ALL faster than me. I do try to be around the 10 second mark, no more. I improve a little more towards the end – perhaps when I have found a more reasonable pace?

Or perhaps it’s just the case that I am REALLY underestimating the time that I should be considering a “warm-up”. I just do a lap of BR and consider that the warm up.

In this swim, I did a lap of BR and then a lap with the pull buoy and then started the crawl up and down. In general it felt OK, but getting so out of puff at the end of a lap concerns me. Mostly again, because no-one else ever seems as out of puff as me!

I know, I know, a general rule is “do your own thing and don’t worry about other people”… I know… I should try harder! Or better? Haha! Argh!!

3 mar – doughnut tech

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