3 mar – supplemental – NAME THAT RASH!

Can’t believe I forgot to mention a strange thing that happened to me on Friday.

When changing, I noticed my legs were really quite red.

“Oh! I must have exercised hard today!”, I thought, presuming this was my being flushed by EXERTION. I checked my arms and they were bright pink from wrist to mid, er, “bicep”.

“Blimey”, thinks I. “I must have REALLY worked hard today”.

I continue to get changed. After I pull on my top I see that my arms have now changed from bright pink to a rather bright RED.

What the heck!

This lasts for about 1hr, 1hr 30 afterwards. I check my legs, and whilst they are not red, they are VERY VERY dry. I give in and rub Norweigan Formula Hand Cream on my arms after a bit, hoping that none of my co-workers are paying attention to me, thankfully they are not, and it soothes the arms a bit.

Very strange! I had thought I was maybe reacting to a new-ish sample of shower gel I use, or perhaps they turned up the Chlorine-O-Matic in the pool to eleven. Either way, it’s not happened to me before.

Is this a swimmming RITE OF PASSAGE? I’m sure this happens to Liam Tancock all the time! Perhaps now I have had THE RASH I will finally get over my cramp problems.

Speaking of which, Swimathon still haven’t got back to me on the matter, but I’ll give them a few more days. Toes crossed.

3 mar – supplemental – NAME THAT RASH!

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