28 feb – old splashing grounds

DISTANCE: 1,250m

A trip to my old stomping ground of Forest Hill to go to Forest Hill pools! When I lived in the area I would occasionally pootle down there at 9pm on a Monday for quiet LADIES NIGHT. I would do slow old breast-stroke and watch my flatmate speed ahead and even do FLY. She is a CHEET and I diskard her utterly, but it was a nice time.

Now, I have moved, and hilariously, COACH CHLORINE is an actual of the FIT SWIMMERS KLUB (who have the pool until 9) who I used to see hulking their bulk out of the pool before the ladies took over for their turn. With their fins and their muscles and their muscles! They were always good for a LARF, as I contemplated whether I’d get away with doing a few handstands down the shallow end.*

Anyway, not my best swim. FH set out three lanes segregated by speed and then a ‘general’ area. The slow was too slow, the medium lane was too fast and the fast lane was full of human motorboats, so I went in the general area, fine for a few laps but then people just started swimming DIRECTLY AT EACH OTHER, so I made my way to the slow lane. Wherein I realised that it wasn’t ACTUALLY too slow at all, and I lamented my HUBRIS.

Tried to concentrate in one goggle in/one goggle out breathing, maybe did OK? Generally felt a bit tired and feeble, but it didn’t feel too exhausting in general – maybe because of all the faffing in the general area first? Should have just done handstands…

But I went for a CURRY afterwards and the world was put to rights! I would consider going to FH ladies day again, making sure to just head straight to the slow lane.

*FWIW I never did, handstands in water ARE the greatest thing ever but I think they should be limited to the sea, with the added bonus of WAVES knocking you over which is always HILARIOUS. Laughing in water is one of my favourite things!

28 feb – old splashing grounds

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