1 march – might as well be ely or st ives

(in that the shallow end of the slow lane was taken over by two gents having a CHAT for the most part – chatty – chatteris when you’re not there, do you see).

DISTANCE: erk! I’ve forgotten! Let’s say 1,200? I doubt I would have done less.

TIME: Same!

Here be the problem in not noting and updating swimblog sooner. I’m sure I was trying the goggle breathing, and… er… yeah! Wow, nothing at all remains in my brain from this session. Can I presume from that – no cramp?

I can tell you that I sure DID NOT WANT to swim beforehand. It was horrible and rainy and grey, and I was tired. But I did feel better afterwards.

So… well, you can’t blog them all, right?

Here, have a picture of the SWIMMING COSTUMES I have! I have 2x purple and 1x black.

swimming costume

They are made by Slazenger and obtained from eBay! I think it is fair to say they probably do not have Turbulence Control Patented Technology, nor Bumbleflex, but they do me pretty well. Thanks, Slaz!

1 march – might as well be ely or st ives

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