25 Feb -she’s got miraculous technique

DISTANCE: 1,200m

TIME: 40-ish mins

A relatively relaxed swim at the Olympic pool – a relief as I had been fretting a little over my ability to sustain myself over the longer length – but it was fine! Being behind a slow swimmer was not frustrating as it gave me an opportunity to practice sideways kicking.

I also worked on breathing with my head lower in the water. The youtube video of yesterday laid great weight on having one goggle in the water, and one goggle out of the water, so I tried to do that more often or not. I think I did feel the difference in my body position when doing so, so this is definitely something I’ll have to keep paying attention to. It’s strange, on reflex I want to shut the one eye that remains under the water…

The earlier part of my swim was less busy, so I did a few faster lengths, tiring myself out nicely by the end of the length and needing a rest, but the slower part was just Quite Nice to do. A novel feeling, to get to the end of the length and then just turn around.


  1. CRAMP, the little bugger, kicked in at 1,050m exactly. It was in the sole of my foot and it was agonising. I stopped about 10m down and it subsided a LITTLE after a minute or two, and a lifeguard suggesting I “stamp on it a bit” – I then set off again, DETERMINED to finish. A few strokes of BR later, I think – OK, d4mmit, just finish this as quickly as possible, and kick off into crawl – NO, BIG MISTAKE – the kick sets it off again, worse than before. I clutch the pool side in absolute agony for a while longer, then grit my teeth and BR towards the end. FINALLY I reach the end of the length and heave myself out of the pool swearing blue bl00dy murder – it reeeeeally hurts!!
  2. Beefy dudes who hang around in the shallow end for a chat. Later on we realise they were probably gym go-ers who hit the pool “for a cool down”. I diskard them utterly.

My next action has to be to email the swimathon dudes to ask about rules about getting out of the pool. If this cramp kicks in during swimathon, I will HAVE to get out of the pool to get rid of it, as I can’t swim it off. And if getting out is a rule-break, then that means I am quite likely to have to give up less than halfway through the swim, because I can’t stretch out the cramp in the water. Surely this can’t be what they want…

PS if anyone DOES have any techniques to get rid of cramp (sole of foot) whilst IN the water, please do let me know…

25 Feb -she’s got miraculous technique

One thought on “25 Feb -she’s got miraculous technique

  1. sarah says:

    well, LOL, I say “shallow end”, there is NO SHALLOW END in the olympic pool, but I mean the one that clearly WOULD be the shallow end if that were the case. There, so.


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