22 Feb – shove it in sideways

DISTANCE: 990m (safe side), counting went awry
TIME: 45mins
CRAMP: none!

All in all this was a bit of a tough one! I felt sluggish for a while and each length seemed more tiring than usual. However, mere morning tiredness is the least of my problems.

After watching a few side kick drills on YouTube last night, I thought I’d give them a go whilst the pool was relatively quiet.

*FX: /needle abruptly screeching out of groove/*

Argh! Noooo! I can’t do them! I just sink! Omg I AM terrible after all and I will never feel slightly superior to head up front crawlers any more…

But noooo! I admit, they looked easy! I didn’t even think that I would struggle. But my arms sank each time I turned to breathe, followed by, well, the rest of me… argh! No wonder I struggle to breathe if I can’t even FLOAT.

It makes sense though, my left arm also tends to sink when doing catch ups.

Am actually a little indignant that my body even dares to sink. I have so much GUT i.e natures own flotation device that surely floating would be the ONE thing I could do.

Oh well. More practice called for…

SEE YOU NEXT WA-*glug glug*

22 Feb – shove it in sideways

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