19 Feb – gotta have my towel gotta have my chlorine

~Friday, Friday, swimmin’ down on Friday/SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!~

DISTANCE: 1,281m

TIME: around 45-50mins odd.

CRAMP: none! Praise be! (I had eaten banana/crisps, taken multivits, stretched AND remembered my bottle of water so all admire my shining halo).

This time round I managed quite a few more laps of bilateral breathing, and had a complete crisis of confidence that I had front crawl mechanics correct or not.

A while into it, I realised that if I made sure my right arm was moving down and backwards when I was breathing on my left hand side, it made getting to the left hand side easier? But I am sure this goes against what I thought ‘was right’. But I also had a bit of crisis of confidence following my spying on zipper drill lady from last time at Marshall St, and thought I might as well try it for a while. It helped me breathe, but am I completely wrong? I don’t know!

In desperation I turn to youtube. This vid from SwimLabs is nice and clear, and suggests something called a TUMMY DRILL, which is such a nice name I think I will try it… but it does appear to indicate that when you are breathing, each arm should basically be as stretched out behind you as much as it is in front of you, i.e. you have completed all your stroke by that point. This is also backed by Speedo about 2 mins in (once you get past the obligatory HEY, FINS! HEY SNORKELS! bit).

So, I found something that seemed to help with one thing i.e getting me out of the water enough to breathe, but all guidance appears to say this is rubbish, don’t do it. So, what to do!

Another thing – I think I noted this before but forgot – side kicking drill. However, I am ashamed to say that this looks difficult and I am NERVOUS to try it in the pool with other people around as I get in the way as I mess it up! Wah!

Anyway I gotta go, gotta get on the bus, decide what seat to take; I have more than just swimming to think about so…




19 Feb – gotta have my towel gotta have my chlorine

3 thoughts on “19 Feb – gotta have my towel gotta have my chlorine

  1. Coach Chlorine says:

    “…if I made sure my right arm was moving down and backwards when I was breathing on my left hand side…”

    I’m not sure what you mean by this? I’d have to watch in person I think, but I always breathe to the same side as the hand doing the underwater pull. The time it takes for my hand to push back to my hips is about the same time as it takes my face to rotate up to take a breath, so I’ve never really thought about ‘when’ exactly during the pull I should breathe.

    The tummy drill looks good though! Definitely good to work on not over-rotating – the ‘good example’ swimmer who keeps her head still has a great stroke balance.


  2. Coach Chlorine says:

    Actually thinking about it that’s a complete lie, my hand is usually out of the water by the time I’m breathing. SORRY! Delete that bit about same side as hand doing the underwater pull! But the other hand I keep stretched out in front for a long catch, so I tend to only start the pull when I’ve finished my breath and am rotating face back in the water. Argh sorry to be confusing, I am tired 😦


  3. sarah says:

    It is hard to describe! Whilst my face is poking out turned towards the left, if I sort of wait with my right arm so it pushes down at the point I am breathing? It has been a few days so I can’t quite remember now either. Ugh… I’m a mess!


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