16 Feb -目覚めながら BREATHING

DISTANCE: 1,045m

TIME: about 40mins, lost track.

CRAMP FACTOR: shock and awe – at lap 18 the cramp kicked in. I tried to stretch it out whilst staying in the pool, (I was swimming outside in 4 degree temp – I’m not getting out unless absolutely necessary), but it had no effect. I then tried to swim through it to see if I could swim it off – one agonising lap later – no, no I couldn’t. What is the swimming equivalent of limping? The cramp from the sole started to feel like it was extended up my leg. A good stand on the painful foot once OUT of the pool resolved it, but otherwise… nooooo. I am really concerned that cramp puts a hard STOP to swimming. In swimathon (as I understand it), you’re only allowed to get out of the pool once to go for a wee, so in the event of CRAMP, I wouldn’t be allowed to get out and stretch it? In which case, with cramp like this, I’d just have to… abandon?? Very worried about this!


  • a much stricter stretching regime (I shall try and ‘spec this out’ in a future post I guess?)
  • remember to eat the banana that you put in your bag in the morning but forgot about?
  • continue to eat crisps as much as possible
  • engage in multivitamin practices
  • look up which relatively organised religion has the most gods and pray to them all
  • I don’t know! I don’t know!

BUT ON THE POSITIVE SIDE: bilateral breathing! Bilateral breathing! BILATERAL! BREATHING (yes yes we get it – Ed.) I managed a full lap breathing every three strokes! I am very impressed with myself! I shall have to get Coach Chlorine to advise (providing I can do it again AT ALL) on whether my “form” hem-hem disintegrates into rapid flailing – but it’s a start! Yay! Yay!

DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING ELSE TODAY: why yes I did – when I am underwater I exhale out – obv this involves a good rinsing out of the mouth with chlorine. I am suspecting this impacts on ALL SOUP, because I had a thai chicken soup for lunch and it MUNG to high heaven. Zero taste. The same thing happened with miso soup! Oh no! I guess I will have to stick to sandwiches oh no.


16 Feb -目覚めながら BREATHING

2 thoughts on “16 Feb -目覚めながら BREATHING

  1. DJ Chlorine says:

    Excellent work on the breathing there 🙂

    All your cramp-solving suggestions sound tick vg to me – also make sure you’re hydrated beforehand & if poss have some SQUASH or similar in your water bottle on poolside.


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