5 Feb -young marble giant

DISTANCE: 1,159m

TIME: about an hour?

Today’s swim was at Marshall Street Baths – a new pool to me and it is AMAZING. It is marble-lined and delightfully tactile. It actually feels like ‘baths’ rather than a ‘pool’, and I shouldn’t be surprised if someone poured in some epsom salts and brought me some honey soaked figs.

Notwithstanding, it’s still a regular pool and I have not magically turned into a Bathing Beauty so on with the REGULAR STORY.

This swim was OK, but a little hard to tell how it actually went. You see, my lovely lovely comfortable wonderful regular goggles (Speedo Biofuse) weren’t in my bag when I got changed. I thought I must have left them at home, but they still aren’t to be found! So perhaps I left them in Stratford on Wednesday. Gahhh! On the plus side, I have a spare pair, but on the negative side, oh no!!

Thankfully, I managed to get a replacement pair for a fiver, but they weren’t as good and took about a billion years to adjust tight enough so they didn’t leak – and then of course they were painful! Heigh ho. But enough of goggle woe!

SWIM ITSELF: mostly a crawl (in more ways than one har de har so fvcking hilarious). On the positive side:

  • I managed to do a few strokes breathing every three rather than two! Not even up to a full length, but for me this is good! My “form” probably degraded as I just tried to move my arms quicker, but that’s a way forward.

On the mildly concerning side: I did a few laps with the pull buoy and it was a bit odd. I felt like my body was twisting around out of control, and turning to breathe on the left hand side was nigh on impossible unless I wrenched myself about and then I just got out of control and had to let myself float to get straight again! I also felt like my posture was odd and my back was arched (like – bum high, back sink, neck higher?). WHAT. EVEN??? What’s going on, beloved pool buoy?

I saw a lady in the medium lane doing ZIPPER DRILLS and spied on her a bit. I think what I was doing for them was wrong, so perhaps that is another thing to work on.

The more I swim the more there seems to be to work on! I have made progress in the sense that now I can propel myself more in a crawl-like manner, but that’s no good if I’m only doing it with a flail and a struggle. Wargrhhhh.

5 Feb -young marble giant

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