3 Feb -rinsed

DISTANCE: 1,125m
TIME: 45mins

Another trip to the Aquatics Centre. Reasonable enough swim without any pull buoy use, mostly all fairly feeble crawl apart from lane jams which reduce speed to slow head above water BR, or faff around pretending I can do dolphin kick mermaid style (arms by side).

Should have been 1,150 but kept having to abandon length halfway down a length due to lane jams.

Tried to focus on keeping fingers pointed down during the under water bits. Didn’t choke too much which was nice. A tiny bit of cramp but on last length only. Still struggle to breathe every 3 strokes. Thankfully the lengths didn’t feel as long as they did at crypal, which is probably because the pool was busier and more people distracting? Tried not to rest for too long, was probably OK at that? IDK!

Children were hanging around at the end of the pool having grand fun getting in the way/submerging, at least until they accidentally got kicked in the head by yours truly when I couldn’t see them! Bit annoying, it’s meant to be a 16+ swim and it’s not as if there aren’t other training pools. Grrr.

NB Definitely not just jealous cos the kids could hold their breath longer than ME ahem.

Tonight I try a new (to me) 30m pool soooo


3 Feb -rinsed

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