01 Feb – self propelling swimmer

DISTANCE: 1,056m

TIME: 40mins


Well, it is quicker, BUT, I tried two new things today, as follows:

  1. Did not allow self to use inflatables, i.e. no beautiful pull buoy and no horrendous kickboard; and
  2. Tried not to stop at the end of a length but keep going.


This was tiring, and for the first few laps I coughed and choked a lot, getting better as it went on. Not stopping for even a small break at the end was pretty tiring – which only goes to show that this is GOOD and I need to keep it up.

CRAMP FACTOR: none! All hail  salt, and a weekend of pointing toes. I am SO HAPPY that I got away with cramp, especially as no pull buoy = I kicked every single length.

FEEBLE FISH FACTOR: yeah, pretty high, lots of puffing and panting. And although this was quicker, I still felt really slow. And I was only quicker because I didn’t do any lengths with the pull buoy. Ah weeell…


Yo lady, overtaking slow people is totally cool, we have all done it, but perhaps do it when the lane is clear and you’re not swimming right at me you get meh?

And also, BACKSTROKERS. Just… stop it! Especially if you are going a bit quicker than me in the last twenty metres when I’m basically dying and you whack my toes. Backstroke, the most anti-social of all strokes (if anyone ever did THE FLY in the slow lane that might take the cake but as they do not, the prize goes to BACKSTROKE).

(I refuse to do backstroke for antisocial reasons, also hitting head on pool wall reasons. Why does anyone do it?? I can’t understand!! FINA should ban it alongside long swimming trousers – it is RUB and Missy Franklin can have it).


01 Feb – self propelling swimmer

One thought on “01 Feb – self propelling swimmer

  1. Coach Chlorine says:

    WELL DONE this is good progress dude!

    Backstroke’s main use is to give your arms a rest from going round in the same direction all the time. After X years I still haven’t really got the hang of what to do with my hands when they’re under the water. Perhaps I should do some research on the ol’ Youtubes?


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