29 Jan -Uptown Top Crampin’

DISTANCE: 975m 😦

TIME: forgot to check once again, but I have EXCITING NEW STATS, as follows!

  • 50m with pull buoy – 1m 53!
  • 50m regular front crawl – 1m 20!

Hold on to your speedo because I am SUPER SHARK.

CRAMP FACTOR: Cramp II: Shock And Awe. Absolutely horrific cramp. I meant to do 1,050m today but at 975 the cramp struck so hard that I had to abandon the swim. Cramp then lingered all the way back up the hill on the way home and only went away when I ate some salty chips – HMMMM!

LESSON LEARNT: don’t neglect crisps/banana on swim day, point toes even more.

NEW TINGS: tried a new 50m pool! This time, Crystal Palace. The Centre itself is a maze of corridors, it is not that they aren’t signposted, more that everything is signposted and points in every direction.

Biggest woe was lockers – first locker ate my 20p w/o even locking, second locker worked fine – until I realised I’d merrily locked away my goggles, and THIRD time lucky – enjoy your SIXTY PENCE from me, Crystal Palace.

Other mildly grim things = changing room. Much soapy hair-clog. I also forgot that children attend swimming facilities which aren’t in Central London during/just after office hours. It was FINE for the most part as they were all doing diving lessons and not in the main pool, apart from one little fellow who toughed out 100m (swimming in the wrong clock direction!) and then hung around at the end chatting to the lifeguard.

Am quite annoyed at the cramp. The whole thing was a bit of a struggle, and this was the first time I haven’t done the distance specified by the training plan. But the cramp wouldn’t go away, no matter how much I stretched it – SHIVERING by the side of the FREEZING poolside. GD it CryPal!

But on the good side, big up the CryPal CLOCK which is easy to see from everywhere and let me time a length! Whooo!



29 Jan -Uptown Top Crampin’

2 thoughts on “29 Jan -Uptown Top Crampin’

    1. sarah says:

      Locker dickery was not a good start. But I am glad to know my time! I think it actually appears to be the ‘event pace’ specified which surprises me to be sure.


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