Training plan concern

This here training plan (dunno why it’s giving me the 2015 one, but it’s the same one as I have for 2016) that I am following does not appear to have me swimming 2.5km before event day?

Not having trained for a longer distance swim before, I don’t know whether this is normal? All I know is that when I have trained for a 5k/10k, the plans typically have you do that distance at least once before the event. But the longest distance it has me do is in Week 7, 1,250m.

I mean, I am not saying it’s easy, and as I have noted I am WAY off the time that Jolyon Finck CHBHN gives for each distance and I am informed sternly that this fellow does indeed know his stuff… but… but??


(Not that I am not a little relieved, as who’s got the time to do regular two hour sessions – and given my slow speed maybe even LONGER, but. Yknow? I’m not going to argue, I just found it a bit surprising).

Training plan concern

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