18 Jan – noodle arms

DISTANCE: 1,188m (here or there)

TIME: forgot to check again. Erm, I mean, no no, I AM THE HARUKA, I only swim free and definitely just didn’t splash straight into the pool.


It was fine, thank you for asking! I swam for a bit. I didn’t quite realise until I finished, but I did far more laps of crawl/pull buoy than BR – I usually think I am about even? But this time I just kept doing some more. This is probably actually quite GOOD?

But. Bilateral breathing only went about so so – am concerned than I am flopping myself around too much. I tried a little of the zipper drill, which Coach Chlorine showed me after several pints of wine. I couldn’t quite tell if I was doing it right – it feels strange?! And also, it feels like my arms are really inflexible (Just like the rest of me then).  AND, I would quite like to stop spluttering water please and just perhaps get on with the swimming a bit more! No-one else in the pool ever seems to choke like I do anyway muttergrumble, oh well I shouldn’t do myself down! I think I have improved a bit, choking notwithstanding (starting at zero ability helps).

ACHE FACTOR: my left shoulder/upper arm was sore as soon as I got out of the pool and remains so this evening, and I think my legs could do w/ 1x stretch too. I am actually quite PROUD that I am feeling something in my left arm! I am beefcake I AM THE SOUSUKE.

LUNG FACTOR: ahh yes the old lungs. I tried a few breaths every 3 strokes instead of two – but this also involves breathing on the left, which itself is difficult, also, my lungs appear to have very little capacity and ugh, argh, urgh. Only practice will help here.

CRAMP FACTOR: 0 – sweet.

ANYTHING ELSE? Once again, I gave a kickboard length some welly, and caught up to the person ahead of me! It nearly destroyed me but it felt quite good to actually go somewhere with the dread board. I wonder if I have a six pack underneath my massive gut?

OH DID I FORGET TO MENTION: I weighed myself to see if I might have lost any weight from swimming and HOORAY FOR ME I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. How many calories are in chlorine? (I am sure it is all down to beefy muscle… sigh…)

18 Jan – noodle arms

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