15 Jan – kickpunching

After waking up exhausted from a hard Thursday night watching cat films, and forgetting my breakfast (2016 resolution to try and eat a banana before getting on the train is going mostly OK, but not this morning…), the only thing that got me in the pool this lunchtime was:

  • emergency Sainsburys “new yorker” sandwich w/ pastrami at about 10.30
  • a great deal of tea
  • stubbornness

DISTANCE: approx 1,112 metres (+/- 30metres depending on accuracy of lap counting)

TIME: about 45 mins.

THOUGHTS: managed to do several laps of semi ‘bilateral breathing’ – much easier if doing catch-ups for some reason, rather than constant f-c where it seems I can still only breathe on the right hand side. Still not easy. Tried to spend longer times underwater – not with a great of success but realise this is something I need to practice. Did much better at doing laps without stopping for a rest.

I had sought the advice of Coach Chlorine earlier that morning – well, technically what I did was more like “whining” – to see whether kickboard was really useful at all. My answer was: yes, but really give it welly. I interpreted this at “go full pelt”, so I kicked as hard as I possibly could. The first length of this, I managed to actually catch-up to a bloke doing slow BR (!!!), so I turned around halfway down and went back (still at full pelt).  A few laps later, I tried full-pelt kick again. After an agonising 33m, I had to take quite a long rest. The return length was done gently for the first part, and a bit harder for the latter, but I couldn’t get myself up to full pelt again. This is because I am unfit, and also the kickboard is the work of the devil.

WHAT I ALSO TRIED: I read somewhere that one should ideally always be exhaling – blowin’ bubbles – when face is underwater, and not holding breath. So I tried to make sure I was exhaling. I thought I did always exhale, but it turns out that’s not quite the case. One exhale turned into an embarrassing hacking cough and splutter when I forgot that you breathe the ABOVE water stuff. But, as my dear readers can probably tell, from my willingness to blather on about my feeble pathetic swimming efforts, I have little shame. So I just went back to the shallow end and ‘considered the lilly’ until I felt ready to go again.

ACHE FACTOR: not really any aches – no-one is more surprised than I, given that I went in with an aching shoulder from sleeping like an idiot; and


LUNG FACTOR: feeble fish.

In other news, I got a recommendation to get a book called MASTER THE ART OF SWIMMING, which applies Alexander Technique principles to swimming. It is subsequently on order, and I shall report back once I have taken a look at it. The recommender says it very much helped them in terms of body position in the water, so… why not?

15 Jan – kickpunching

One thought on “15 Jan – kickpunching

  1. Coach Chlorine says:

    Kicking is hard, but the benefits are worth it (leg strength, general fitness/being hardcore, reducing likelihood of cramp). Stick at it full-pelt for as long as you can bear it! Having a proper rest after each length of it = absolutely fine. Here’s the kick drill I mentioned the other day (skip to 5 mins in) – no board required and you can bail out halfway down the length if you need to & switch to breaststroke etc.

    And here is the zipper drill which I was utterly failing to explain properly last night. It’s a good idea to combine that one with catchups.


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