11 Jan – worst swim yet!

DISTANCE: approx 330m?

TIME: I don’t bloody know but I can tell you when I got OUT of the pool, 19h00 on the nose.

THOUGHTS: lesson learnt: check pool opening hours, so one does not enter the pool and then get thrown out about 10 minutes later whilst all the fit tanned members of the SWIM CLUB chuck the poor slow lane crew out so they can, like, SWIM WELL from 7pm onwards. WAAAAH!

It’s my own fault, I should have checked, but I knew the gym was open so just thought the pool would also be open. What pool closes at 7pm?!

Gah! And I was so proud of myself for going, despite women’s problems, despite long day at work (hence reaching the pool at 18.45…) and despite feeling a bit demoralised about the last not so great swim, EVEN THOUGH I had a fishcake at home I was desperate to eat! I shouldn’t have bothered anyway! Or at least, I should have checked, and could have gone elsewhere.

FEELINGS: grumpy at swim clubs, especially when I saw they were streaking up and down two lanes, leaving another two free, which could have hosted a poor idiot to limp along for another ten laps or so in pitiable pain…

OH WELL! Next swim is lined up for Wednesday at an earlier time at a pool that STAYS OPEN, so…. wish me luck for next time…


(At least my fishcake was good in the end!)




11 Jan – worst swim yet!

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