8 Jan – time is a construct?

DISTANCE: 950ish metres.

TIME: 35 minutes.

CRAMP: none!

THOUGHTS: not a very good swim. I had been exhausted all morning, and my Special Ladies Time arrived which was also not fun. I reckoned I could probably get away with it, and reckon that I timed it just about right – by the afternoon it would have been too heavy for me to want to risk it.

A combination of getting over ill, Ladies Time and tiredness I suppose will never be great. Each length was more tiring than usual for the most part, and lengths with the pull buoy were slow and frustrating.

ACHE LEVELS: strong ache in legs (upper leg mostly) the following day, and STILL the day after. Feeble Fish Rating = 8/10.

BLETHER: I am following this training plan. Well, when I say ‘following’, I’m doing the distance they tell me. I haven’t been doing ‘hip driven rotation’ as I haven’t had time to look it up, and frankly I am concentrating on not swallowing half the pool and spluttering mid length. I guess I will look it up.

However, I am a bit demoralised that it seems to suggest I should be doing the above in approx 20 minutes. I’m way off that pace, and am not sure if I realistically see myself speeding up that dramatically.

I am starting to think what I mean by “beginner” is not what THEY think of as beginner… I’m not going this slowly deliberately! I’m just pleased I’m not sinking (as often).

FUTURE PLANS: my next swim is likely to be next week in the 50m pool – first long course swim, and 1,150m is on the cards. I won’t be able to go early in the week, unless Special Ladies Time gives me a respite (IT WILL NOT), so am considering a different cross-train option.

I must also try not to be too demoralised at my snail-like pace and think positively like Linford Christie like wot in that advert which I thought was for cereal but now it turns out it was Persil. Phew.


8 Jan – time is a construct?

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