6 Jan – back in the jug agane

First day back in the pool for lunchtime swim after two weeks of lying on the sofa coughing up my guts. HOW DID IT GO I hear you clamour.



TIME: no idea, forgot to check what time it was when I got in. I doubt it was done in 20 mins.

CRAMP: None! Joy!


BR warm up, pull buoy (painful and exhausting the first time, getting more reasonable as I got on), free, pull, BR, catch-ups  (see p-b comment), rotate those around a bit until one reaches 924m, including one lap with the HORRID KICKBOARD which had BETTER be good for me because it sure doesn’t get me anywhere fast.


Those weeks on the sofa sure made themselves known. Finished laps more exhausted than before, and the first couple of drill laps were tough, when they were not so bad in Dec. However, by the final few laps, it was starting to feel a little easier.  As I write this in the evening, my left arm is aching like crazy and does not want to be lifted one bit. Right arm, fine. BE like that, then!


  1. I managed to breathe on my left hand side a few times, I’d say 50/50 breath/drink of chlorine which is not bad going.
  2. I am seriously not kidding you that I watched as a guy got out of the pool (after doing four lengths – not laps – lengths) and HIS SHORTS FELL DOWN.

I immediately had to dive under water to hide my gleeful spluttering, whilst wandering when my life had turned into Mr. Bean.

Hellooooo pool amateur month!!!

6 Jan – back in the jug agane

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