18 dec – netflix and drill

Last working Friday of the year, the high holy day of pub amateurs – what an excellent day for a swim. Accompanied by DJ Chlorine, we had the lanes to ourselves for a fair while and excitingly I learnt a DRILL!

STATS: unmeasured. In pool until pruney and crampy, which indicates no less than 30 minutes at least.

THOUGHTS: lovely empty pool…

SWIM ITSELF: 2x BR, then 2x FC, 2x pool bouy, 2x FC, 2x BR, 2x PB, 2x BR (all this approx from memory, addled by time, chlorine and some pizza express wine), at which point DJ Chlorine joins me from the Fast Lane to give me an impromptu swimming lesson! SO EXCITING!


  • lesson 1: see how long you can do fc for without taking a breath. I am not sure how long it was but it was more than 5 metres (I wish the pool had more measure lines on the pool floor…).
  • lesson 2: catch-ups! here is my favourite youtube swimming coach, coach robb, of “pool boo-ey” fame, showing us about them.  Benefit of this = getting longer reach – going further and using less energy than frantic splashing! Thus:
  • lesson 3: THE WRIGGLY WORM, i.e how to do dolphin kick! I managed about three wiggles underwater before cramp called me but I pretty much felt like I was the Michael Fishman Phelps of the slow lane.

MARKS OUT OF TEN: DJ Chlorine is very kind and said my fc was doing OK! My tips are to do some more with pool bouy, to keep making arm go high above the water and basically “swim more”. I also intend to practice catch-ups a lot, I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would when they were being shown. BR review: probably not that good! But I’ve had years getting into bad habits and Not Trying I suppose!

TO DO: more catch-ups! More FC underwater before breathing. Heels closer to BUM in br. (Some wriggly worm underwater when no-one is watching…)

But for now it is the festive season so I will probably have a break for a while to improve my bouyancy by eating as much quality street as possible whilst intaking much needed hydration courtesy of my friend Harvey S. Bristol-Cream.

18 dec – netflix and drill

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