Utterly fascinating first post!

Intro courtesy of sportsrelief: Hello, I’m challenging myself for Sport Relief 2016 by swimming 2.5km to raise cash that will help to transform people’s lives across the UK and the world’s poorest communities. If you could sponsor me, I’d be really grateful as your generosity really will help to make a world of difference to people living unimaginably tough lives. From me, and on behalf of those you’ll help, thank you.

So yes, the above ^^^ is what I have challenged myself to do in March 2016. Having been swimming A Bit in 2015, and achieved my goal of “managing to do a length of front crawl without sinking”, I wanted to do a Bigger and Better Challenge.

Therefore I signed up for the 2.5km swim, on the basis that, if I’m going to rattle a tin at people then I should give them some hard work in exchange for their sponsorship money.

I know that 2.5km is probably beyond me now – so I have started this UTTERLY FASCINATING swimblog to try and record my progress, if only because my sports relief page will only let me do an update of 420 characters. Geez, guys! There’s more to a fundraising effort than twitter updates!

So, here we go! Baseline swimming ability post coming up.

Utterly fascinating first post!

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