16 Dec – baseline swim

16 Dec 2015 – so this morning was the first time I made an active effort to see how far I was swimming. This should give me an idea of my baseline ability now (not  a lot), and where I need to get to by March (i.e. a lot).


Providing my counting was correct, I did 726m in approx. 25 minutes. Utilising MATHS, I think I get the following:

726 metres in 25 mins

29 metres in 1 min (just under a length of the 33m pool)

At this speed… 2,500 metres would take me 1.433hrs (86 mins = 2500/29). Yikes!


  1. Is ^^^ that maths correct?
  2. 1.4 hours is a long time. I shall be a prune.
  3. I need to speed up.
  4. I really need to speed up… (ok ok 2x lengths were with the kickboard with which I go so slowly time starts running backwards).

SWIM ITSELF: several lengths with friendly pool bouy, 2 lengths kickboard (my legs get me around all the time, and are usually very helpful and useful but it turns out in the pool they do zippo), several lengths freestyle, several lengths BR, and no cramp at all!

CONCLUSION! Hooray – but go faster! How to go faster? I dunno.

16 Dec – baseline swim

One thought on “16 Dec – baseline swim

  1. DJ Chlorine says:

    I have THOUGHTS which will surprise you not 1 iota 🙂

    Your initial data above has the extra factor of including TIREDNESS, i.e. you probably did more in the first 10 minutes than in the last 15 minutes bcs = knackered. So as you improve your fitness, the average distance per minute will go up!


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